Diamond Internet

280/10 Mbps

$73.90/month (internet only)

$76.90/month (with wireless modem)

Platinum Internet

100/10 Mbps

$62.90/month (internet only)

$65.90/month (with wireless modem)

Silver Internet

20/2 Mbps

$52.90/month (internet only)

$55.90/month (with wireless modem)

Wireless modems are available for additional $3.00/month.   

All rates and speeds effective August 2021 for residential service.   All indicated speeds are for wired connections and are stated above in a download/upload format.  No data caps are enforced by Irvine OnLine.  Wireless speeds will vary based on home network environment.    For business rates or more information, please call 606-723-4240. 

GameX Internet

400/20 Mbps

$83.90/month (internet only)

$86.90/month (with wireless modem)