Irvine Online fully supports the Net Neutrality principles of Transparency, Nondiscrimination and No Blocking of Internet services.  Irvine Online does not block, degrade or throttle legal content, applications, or services on the Irvine Online network.  Irvine Online does not accept payment to prioritize content, services or applications, nor charge interconnection fees to outside content providers such as Netflix.  As your internet provider, Irvine OnLine agrees with and supports the concept of a free and open internet unfettered by paid pathways or preferential treament of traffic that favors one party over another.  Irvine Onine believes that all ISPs should uphold these same commitments.  

Irvine Online also believes that enforcing Net Neutrality rules through Congressional legislation would assure more permanency than a FCC regulatory proceeding.  We support Congressional enactment of Net Neutrality Legislation that will provide stability and avoid potential policy revisions with each new administration.  Irvine OnLine believes all internet data should be treated fairly and without discrimination, so that customers receive the service experience they have come to expect.

Questions concerning Net Neutrality may be emailed to  

Any questions concerning Irvine Online may be directed to or 606-723-4240.

If you have any issue with your Irvine Online internet service, please call 723-4240 as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.  A technician will be dispatched to your home, at your convenience, to correct the problem. 

Following the service call by the Irvine Onine technician, if you do not feel that the issue has been corrected to your satisfaction, please contact Vicki Horn or Roy Baker at 606-723-4240 or via email to